Orb Listener

The Macro and Micro coming together!  Where are we in reference to the Macro and Micro beyond this reality?  Universes come in all different shapes and sizes, who knew? 
How fun to know we are not the only game in town!

Do you actually believe our Universe is the only game in town?  Not so much.  The Macro and the Micro live simultaneously within and in the without of our Selves.  From the smallest aspect of you, throughout your body, each component of the physicality of the human body is seen and unseen at the same time. 
Using technology to see “inside” of you does not really reveal the entirety of the “real” you.

These Orbs are showing us the vastness and the infinitesimal scope of being Multi-dimensional.  You are Multi-dimensional already.  Now let your Consciousness be Conscious, breaking out beyond what you “think” you can see, and just allow your Self to SEE, FEEL and EXPERIENCE your Self
as the Multi-dimensional Being that you are!