Orb Listener


Perhaps portals come in all different sizes and shapes, just like everything that makes up our Universe. This is a very interesting Portal with Orbs to observe.

If you look at the human body as a portal, you may come to “see” that your body is a portal for information each and every day. You are constantly taking in information through your largest organ,
your skin, as well as your computer/brain.
Discerning consciously what information you allow your body to take in is
how healthy or sickly your body will be.

A portal is a vortex. This planet has vortices all over it. As you raise your frequency and vibration above fear and allow your Self to see beyond 3rd Duality’s limiting programming, then you give your Self the opportunity to connect to the portals that the Orbs are using to connect with you. The Orbs understand there is no time and space. They utilize time and space to connect, melding their space and time with yours, thus creating the fact that this no time and space only references points from which to connect. So let the connection begin!

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