Orb Listener

Melding with Orbs…

6377127By blending and resonating to the frequency of the Orbs, one feels in unison with them. This is evident in the pictures…so fun!

Stepping into the frequency and vibration of the Multi-dimensional Orb space allows the experiencers to meld and resonate to the dimensions of the Orbs, which appear to be multi-faceted. The Orbs do not appear to be limited as humans have been taught. They are very open to sharing their space with our experiences. They are teaching these experiencers that they do not have to be limited or afraid. Neither do you! Be open. There is so much to learn from these adventures. Experience is the best teacher! Be fearless and embrace the adventure for the expansion of consciousness and allow your Self to see that 3rd Dimension is just one space! As you become more open, you will “see” where you are, while simultaneously experiencing Multi-dimensions!

melding-2 melding-3
Sherry Melding into Portal