Orb Listener

Sherry Anshara

sherryWith four Near Death Experiences encountered in this lifetime, living Multi-Dimensionally began at a very early age for me.  Seeing the unseen was and is more normal to me than just what is supposed to be seen through the limitations of “in the box” Belief Systems.  These Belief Systems or B.S. Programs impede the expansion of consciousness and inhibit the clarity of these dynamic experiences.

It’s time to get out of the boxes of Duality and embrace expansion!  It is time to go where you have not gone before.  So much more fun, exciting and insightful!  Absolutely love these opportunities that the Orbs are gifting to me. Living fully and fully living is my attitude. 

Wind Ohmoto

wind I came to QuantumPathic initially to assist people to heal themselves via the most practical, straight-to-the-core-of-the-issue, and empowering healing modality on this planet..the QuantumPathic Energy Method.  The newness I have been experiencing this past year is incredible and what I’m comprehending is enormous. 

I am experiencing my real Self…deeper and clearer and more consciously…and I am creating opportunities within me that are far beyond the limitations of Duality!  One of these amazing opportunities is orb “aerobics”!   Connecting with the orbs and other multi-dimensional beings is the most exhilarating fun!!  To expand my frequency and vibration to connect with them, I laugh and dance and jump around with total love and appreciation for these beings.  I affectionately call it orb aerobics.  It’s really about connecting to my Self first and letting go of everything else.  Pure joy!!

I absolutely love these photos that show that Duality isn’t the only show around!!  I’m melding…I’m melding…  When you sense who you are and trust your Self, you cannot lose your connection to your Self…ever!!  Have no fear!!  You are always right here.  And here is the place to start.

The Multi-versity is open wherever you are and it is free for all who participate.  No lessons and no tests!!  Just “higher” learning.  The pictures show amazing diversity.  I am learning and growing by quantum leaps and bounds…and this is just the beginning.