Orb Listener

Beyond Duality

Moving beyond the limitations of Duality’s Belief Systems of what can be seen and felt is exhilarating and uplifting when you feel the energy and movement of the Orbs. Let go of limitations.


From a consciousness and energy perspective, 3rd Dimensional Duality’s teaching is to live in a box of limitations. Duality’s frequency and vibration does not allow for vision beyond what the physical eye is supposed to see. If the eyes see more than what is determined as “see-able”, then Houston there is a problem. You are only supposed to see and experience life through very limited versions of sight and connection.

There are Universes, Multi-verses, and perhaps more beyond that! These pictures are showing everyone that there is so much more to see if you are open and willing to get out of any boxes to experience life beyond limitations. Duality has had its time. Now it is time for practical, visual, and connected unlimited experiences. To unlimitedness! No more boxes, no more restrictions! Let’s celebrate! There is so much more to learn about your Self and others. These Orbs are just the beginning of contact.