Orb Listener

Adventures of Orbs

Everyday is a new adventure with the Orbs, their friends, and the “wormholes”.  They are expressing themselves in a safe environment, knowing that we are their friends and are open to any communications between us.    What is so fun is when they match the color that someone is wearing.  This is a way to communicate with each person.  The theory is that color has a certain vibration and frequency.  I definitely feel that they are making a connection, especially with the array of colors in which they appear.  There is a full spectrum of color.   Another theory is that they are communicating to a particular chakra color in the area of the body to which they are relating.  It is very exhilarating when the Orbs match color to color.  Another idea is they are simply using a color or colors that the particular person likes in order to establish a relationship between Orb and person.    As the Orbs make their appearances, the energy field is always filled with joy and fun.  The Orbs love to participate in the movement of dance and even just jumping up and down. They are definitely amused when we call them in to dance.  Perhaps they will be the next stars on Dancing with the Stars. 

They definitely connect with laughter, dance and movement.  This too I believe is another form of communication with the Orbs. They feel the joy and so do we.    My suggestion to connect to Orbs is:  be open, don’t limit your Self, and make a conscious choice to accept them into your life.  After all, they may have been here longer than humans.  Who knows?  Perhaps the frequency and vibration of a rising consciousness on the planet is one of the many reasons they are “revealing” themselves.   I choose expanded, unlimited consciousness without the restrictions of limited belief systems (the B.S. Programs).  Who knows what I might learn from these loving Orbs?


9043592The intelligence of the Orbs… being Multi-dimensional…. Look closely… they copy cat Jana’s profile.  They are also showing faces within the collective of the orbs and they are connecting to Jana deep within her cellular intelligence.  So if you are looking for intelligence in the Universe or Multi-verse…the question is where is it?…. and where does it begin?  Actually it does NOT begin in the human brain/computer, your innate intelligence is in your cellular memory of all your experiences in your continuum… Your computer/ brain through limited Belief Systems, the B.S. Programs keeps you limited! Here caught on camera is the connection of species to species…Multi-verse to Earth!  Be open!  Be unlimited. Connect from your heart and your body with your intelligence and intellect and the “real” magic happens!  Out of your head into your heart creates multi-realities… Have fun, enjoy the journey to being Multi-dimensional